Kevin Drummond

Kevin Drummond;'s family hails from Dublin, Ireland.

Irish Celtic art has been an absolute passion of Kevin’s since he was young, having created his first Celtic design in his high school art class in 1981. He went on to pursue a visual communications degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.


After over 30 years in the art world, Kevin has reconnected with his love of Celtic-inspired artwork, making his creative designs available to the public.


It began with a simple idea: A one-of-a-kind drawing of the family name – Drummond – as a gift for his father. So many family members and friends enjoyed the artwork that he soon realized that pride in one’s Irish heritage runs deep in many families, both here in the U.S. and around the globe.


Kevin and his family currently live just outside Cleveland, Ohio (USA) in the charming town of Independence.


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